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From Victim to Valiant

Take your power back using powerful skills taught in this 6 week course.
From Victim to Valiant

Taking Action to release your fears and pains.

This course takes you through over 20 practices for empowerment, wellness and self care. Each practice is hands-on or is interactive allowing your experience to be integrated into your daily life with ease.
Throughout this course you will discover how to:
  • Break down mind chatter and find focus no matter your environment.
  • Establish clear boundaries between yourself and others so you can remain strong within your self and create healthy relationships.
  • Remain responsive, rather than reactive, in high stress or triggering situations.
  • Find focus to accomplish the tasks that mean the most to you.
  • Break through patterns of dissociation, depression, anxiety, trauma and more with emotional processing techniques.
  • Release trauma, pain and old patterns through movement.
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