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From Victim to Valiant

Own your POWER. Set energetic BOUNDARIES with others. MANIFEST your ideal reality.  Skills for Empaths, Intuitives and Survivors of all kinds to reclaim your gifts and THRIVE at life.
Its time to thrive instead of survive

Life Skills for Victims and Empaths

This course takes you through over 12 hours of practices for empowerment, wellness and self care.  Each practice is hands-on and interactive allowing your experience to be integrated into your daily life with ease.

Throughout this course you will discover how to:

  • Set strong physical and energetic boundaries with others to finally be treated the way you deserve.
  • Break down mind chatter and find focus in any environment.
  • Build a stronger relationship with your authentic self and the beliefs that support your emotional and mental wellbeing.
  • Stop reacting to triggers and find calm amid chaos.
  • Know the path to success when working on goals that mean the most to you.
  • Become aware and shift patterns of dissociation, depression, anxiety, trauma and more with emotional processing techniques.
  • Release old trauma, pain and patterns through movement and body awareness.
  • Learn to apply Reiki and Quantum Tuning for self healing and manifestation of goals.

Some of the practices you will be taught are:

  • Setting up Sacred Space for yourself
  • Grounding
  • Centering
  • Shielding and Energetic Boundaries
  • Cutting Cords
  • Processing pain and emotional trauma as energy
  • Basic Reiki Healing application for self
  • Basic Quantum Tuning for self
  • Art Therapy
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Extraction
  • Tapping
  • Reframing and Anchoring
  • Some stretches and myofascial release for physical tension
  • Intuitive Dance
  • Manifestation techniques using Energy work

Our students love us

This class has changed me in so many ways. It has helped me grow my energy levels, tune them to something so much healthier.  I'm excited to share energy work to the world around me. If you want to change your life, start by taking this class.
Rose V.
It has helped me gain so much mindfulness to the world around me and given me such essential tools in life. I could not be more thankful for my two teachers for this great class and for being their awesome selves.
At first I was taken aback by the approach, but after I began to apply their suggestions to my daily life, I watched my life transform.  It was little at first, like being more calm when I knew I should have felt stressed out.  But then I noticed I was truly free from people who were taking advantage of me.  Thanks Rainbow and Blake for these life changing tools.

We weren't taught. We learned the hard way.

Both of us, Rainbow Raaja and Dr. Dennis, have had profound transformations which began with these tools we are now teaching you.  We spent over 10 grueling years each struggling to overcome the symptoms of neglected trauma and empathic overload.  When we met, our struggles were so different, but our recovery was almost identical.  We both shared the dream of starting a school and teaching others the skills that drastically changed our own lives.  We want these skills to become common place so no matter what obstacles you are faced with, you have the toolset to triumph.

We wish it had been as easy as signing up for an online class when we were at our lowest points.  But we had to go through the trouble of trial and error to discover what skills work for what situations and how to apply them in the moment, when you need them the most.  Anyone can advise you to meditate- even teach you how.  But it is much harder for someone to give you the tools to apply that meditation in the middle of a confrontation with your significant other or after the onset of a panic attack.  We focused our course on making it practical and effortless FOR YOUR REAL LIFE.

Signing up is easy. Showing up can be just as easy– and FUN! You can either join the Live Classes as they launch or watch the Pre-recorded ones.  

Stained pjs on Sundays with bedhead?  No problem.  We have the class for you.
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Rainbow Raaja
Shamanic Bodywork Therapist & Podcaster
Rainbow Raaja's only dream was to become a massage therapist and help others find inspiration through her art and writing.  Being able to interact with unseen worlds and communicate with the animal kingdom from a young age set her apart from her peers.  Her difficult journey with rejection and being a survivor of abuse lead her to defy social norms and rediscover her true power was in the qualities others saw as weakness.  That is what inspires her to share the wisdom she has gained from her own journey from victim to valiant.
Dr. Dennis
Naturopathic Doctor
Dr. Dennis has always been driven to find the truth inherent in life, the universe, and everything in between. As an avid reader in his teens, he took interest in paranormal and metaphysical books just to test their effectiveness and validity. College opened the door to begin a journey into healing arts through hands-on energy work, which rekindled a spark of renewed interest in exploring the mind/body/soul complex. Through application of theory, seeking experience, and play he has developed a wide range of tools for healing the self and others.

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