Lesson series

From Victim to Valiant

Take your power back and make your dreams a reality.
Starting date

January 23
12pm PST




6 weeks
12 Hours



What to expect

Taking Action to release your fears and pains.

This course takes you through over 20 practices for empowerment, wellness and self care.  Each practice is hands-on or is interactive allowing your experience to be integrated into your daily life with ease.
Throughout this course you will discover how to:

  • Break down mind chatter and find focus no matter your environement.
  • Establish clear guidelines between others and yourself to prevent being hurt or taken advantage of.
  • No longer be reactive to high stress situations or triggers.
  • Find focus to accomplish the tasks that mean the most to you.
  • Break through patterns of dissociation, depression, anxiety, trauma and more with emotional processing techniques.
  • Release old trauma, pain and old patterns through movement.

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The convenience of an interactive workshop from the safety of home.
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First Class goes Live 

January 23, 2021 at 12pm PST


Rainbow Raaja
Shamanic Bodywork Therapist & Podcaster
Rainbow Raaja's only dream was to become a massage therapist and help others heal through her art and writing.  Being able to interact with unseen worlds and communicate with the animal kingdom from a young age set her apart from her peers.  Her difficult journey to defying social norms and rediscovering her true power is what inspires her to share the wisdom she has gained from her own experiences.
Dr. Dennis
Naturopathic Doctor
Dr. Dennis has always been obsessed with finding truth inherent in life, the universe, and everything. This manifested at an early age as reading about the paranormal, studying works religions and reading books on philosophy. In college he started his journey in the healing arts through hands-on energy work which sparked a renewed interest in exploring the mind/ body/ soul complex. Through application of theory, seeking experience, and play he has developed a wide range tools for healing the self and others.

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