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Explore the entire video library for deeper understanding into various fields.  Build your skillset and be supported by instructors and peers.
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We all have to start somewhere.  Becoming an apprentice gives you the support you need to be confident in trying the new skills you are exploring. 

You might think of Mickey Mouse using his Master's hat to command an army of brooms when you hear the word 'apprentice'.  He used the skills he observed from the Master Magician and then he had the courage to apply that knowledge.  Even though he didn't succeed and even made a mess, the Magician was not harsh.  He even shot him a knowing smile, letting Mickey know he had been brave enough to at least try.

We want you to try any classes or workshops to find what works for you.  Reach out to your teachers and peers and hone your techniques for real life situations.  

With unlimited access to the video and workshop library and access to course materials and handbooks you have the freedom to expand your horizons.
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